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A dynamic blend of talent, creativity, and a touch of magic!

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A year-long adventure of coding, creating, and conquering on GitHub and beyond!

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Where dreams come to life, pixel by pixel, code by code - a showcase of my boundless creativity.


GPT-3-Encoder for PHP

A PHP implementation of OpenAI's original python encoder/decoder.

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Laravel Console Spinner

A convenient spinner progress bar for laravel artisan console.

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Laravel Captcha

The simplest Google ReCaptcha & HCaptcha integration for Laravel.

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Rahul Dey in Public
I'm Rahul Dey, a passionate full-stack software engineer from India. With a deep love for building innovative solutions, I constantly seek opportunities to create and contribute to meaningful projects. One of my favorite frameworks to work with is Laravel, as its elegance and versatility never cease to impress me. I thrive on the thrill of tackling new challenges and bringing ideas to life through elegant code. Let's connect and embark on exciting ventures together.

Let's collaborate and turn ideas into reality - together!

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